Blair Gibbs

Consultant and Writer in London, United Kingdom

I'm a policy and media consultant and freelance writer focusing on crime, justice and public safety.

For over a decade I've advised government ministers, elected mayors, and police chiefs on policy, politics and the media, most recently as a senior civil servant in the UK government.

Where most advisers have only ever advised, I have written for national newspapers, appeared on TV and radio, been interviewed live dozens of times and given evidence to inquiries and parliamentary committees.

I work on all areas of crime and justice policy, and I'm uniquely able to draw on the best academic evidence, the political and media context and the fiscal reality to craft policies that elected officials can actually deliver.

These days I'm able to pursue my own interests, which include police reform, drug policy, technology, and new justice innovation across the world.

My time serving at the highest levels of city and national government gives me a blend of skills tailored to the complex issues found in crime and policing.

I've worked with the Behavioural Insights Team- aka the 'Nudge Unit' - and am an Associate at the consultancy firm Crest Advisory. I'm also an advisor to VolteFace and since 2011 an advisory board member for the Centre for Justice Innovation.

As well as writing articles and offering media comment, as a consultant I help clients devise new policy, research emerging issues, map risks, develop lobbying and communication plans, as well as coach and train principals. If you have a commission or project in mind, please get in touch...

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